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Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Introduction to Computer

  1. Word "computer" is from latin which is "Computare" meaning counting. Computer actually type of counting device which is can receive(input) certain amount of data and conducting a series of arithmatic and logical operation to the data and the output is information which is usefull to the user.
  2. Computer are able to store certain amount of data or information and immediately can be retrieve anytime.
  3. The information can be store included numbers, words, formula, alphabets, math symbols and reading symbols.
  4. "Program" is a set of detail instructions to control the process so that information can be store and retrieve inside the computer and manage the information.
  5. Computer consists of 2 basic components which is :
    • Hardware
    • Sofware
  6. Basic Computer system consist of:
    • CPU (Central processing unit)
    • Monitor
    • Keyboard
    • Printer
    • Mouse